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The cow is significant in Hinduism. The cow is usually called Mother, and the cow is also worshiped in most places in india. According to religious beliefs, the cow is the only animal in which 33 crores God and goddesses reside. The meaning of feeding to the cow is that you serve thirty-three crore Gods and Goddesses.

Feeding the cow is beneficial in many ways. according to mythology, Kamdhenu was one of the 14 gems that emerged from the ocean’s churning by gods and demons. Putting the cow symbol on the ground in the East-South-East zone gives positive results by eliminating grief, problems of mind, and anxiety. According to Vastu Shastra, a cow is kept in the home to increase happiness and good luck in the family.

Our gaushalas 'Shree Lalitamba Gau Seva Trust' is committed to provide adequate shelter, clean water, and nutritious food to the cows. Insufficient resources and limited funding often hinder the development and maintenance of the infrastructure required for the well-being of the cows. If you live in a place where you cannot maintain cows personally, you can engage in cow protection by adopting one of our resident cows, bulls or calves. You can donate for one month, one year or lifetime feeding and care.

'Shri Lalitamba Gau Seva Trust' is committed to arrange free vedik education for more than 100 children every year.

There is daily free bhandara facility for sadhu, sant and fakkad near by Ashram of Shri Lalitamba Gau Seva Trust'.

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We believe that cows are not just animals, but a vital part of our society and culture. Cow protection is not only a religious obligation but also a moral responsibility towards nature. Our trust is dedicated to fulfilling this responsibility by providing the best possible care and attention to cows in our gaushala.

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We are committed to ensuring that every cow in our care lives with dignity, free from any harm or exploitation. We provide them with a safe and comfortable shelter, nutritious food, and proper medical care. We also promote cow-based products such as milk, ghee, and cow urine, which have immense medicinal and nutritional value.

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At Shree Lalitamba Gau Seva Trust, we strongly believe that cow welfare is a collective responsibility, and we welcome everyone to join us in this noble cause. Your support, whether through donations or volunteering, can help us make a significant difference in the lives of these gentle and beautiful creatures.

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